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Joy Feary - Consultant Physiotherapist

Back 2 Fit classes

Body 2 Fit brings together the knowledge and expertise of ALL its practitioners to deliver this unique service ... 'Back 2 Fit'


What is Back 2 Fit?


Back 2 Fit is a concise exercise workshop tailored to people who are experiencing mechanical back pain and are keen to do something about it. 


Whether you are suffering for the first time or experiencing another episode, Back 2 Fit is designed to improve mobility, stability, strength and control of the back as well as improving the individuals’ body awareness.


Back 2 Fit at Body 2 Fit is taught by specially qualified Chartered Physiotherapists who will not only help you through the discomfort of your back pain but also educate you on how to avoid episodes in the future.


Who would benefit from Back 2 Fit? 


Anyone experiencing back pain who is otherwise in good health and able to participate in physical activity.


Tell me more ...


The workshop will teach you more about the spine and specifically; 


how it works 

why it sometimes doesn't and 

how to make it work better for you 


Then a Physiotherapist  will guide you through the following:


A gentle warm-up to get the blood flowing and the body prepared

Specific exercises selected to target back pain helping to improve overall function

A cool down and stretch

Educational talk and discussion


The workshop aims to have you challenge the spine to regain its natural movement, improving your overall flexibility and helping to rid your painful symptoms.


The educational talk will cover key topics that can help you understand more about your back pain and how to manage it, ultimately giving you the confidence to self-manage any flare-ups in the future.


Back 2 Fit culminates in the prescription of a quick, easy and effective to follow home programme that can be completed in less than 10 minutes but provides an amazing amount of relief and benefit. You will receive a copy of the specialised exercise programme and comprehensive educational advice and notes. This is offered in the format of your choice – as an online prescription or a hard paper copy.


Furthermore, as a participant on Back 2 Fit you will have open access to our Physiotherapy team so should you have any questions or queries after completion you can contact one of them at any time.


Exercise in confidence...


Back 2 Fit is managed and delivered by specialist fully qualified Chartered Physiotherapists with extensive experience in assessing, treating and teaching clients about back pain and how to manage it. Furthermore, they are all trained in Clinical PIlates, an exercise discipline positively associated with easing back pain, so you can attend in the confidence that you are in safe hands.


Back 2 Fit takes place at Body 2 Fit in a purpose build studio where all equipment is provided. You’ll be greeted by our friendly staff who are experienced in helping clients with pain and creating an atmosphere that lends itself to helping you back into exercise. 


Alternatively, if you have a workforce, small group of friends or a sporting team that you think may benefit from this workshop, it can be delivered anywhere that is suitable, with all relevant equipment being portable. To organise a bespoke workshop simply contact us at OR complete our enquiry form HERE.


What next...


For more information and how to register please contact Body 2 Fit on:

e:                                    t: (01642) 680 680


Complete the enquiry form HERE.


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A UK-wide CSP survey showed that 32% of people who have desk based work experience physical pain during working hours at least once a week. A further 65% reported back pain as the most common problem. Musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) such as back pain are one of the biggest causes of sickness absence on any given day and are estimated to cost society and employers around £7.4 billion a year!

With more and more of us having the option to work from home it's imperative to have the correct seating arrangement to reduce the risk of back pain and other associated aches and pains.